Обложка книги Sketches from My Life, Natalia Sats  
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Переплёт: Твердый переплет, 440 страниц
Категория: Биографии
ISBN: 5-05-001099-3
Язык: Английский

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📕 The life of Natalia Sats is part of the life of modern art. Her stage productions are an inspiring union of drama and music. Moscow, Berlin, Hamburg, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Tokyo, Alma-Ata, Genoa, Parma, and many other cities the world over have applauded the plays she has directed. She is also a gifted writer, the author of several highly successful books on the theatre. "Sketches from My Life" tell the story of an extraordinary if not unique career. This refreshingly sincere book is a veritable treasury of facts about the theatre over the past eighty years. During her long life, Natalia Sats has met and worked with many legendary figures in art and letters - Rachmaninov, Lunacharsky, Stanislavsky, Vakhtangov, Otto Klemperer, Prokofiev, Alexei Tolstoy, to name but a few. We meet them all in this book, and we breathe the atmosphere in which new, socialist art was born. Daughter of a talented composer who was a close associate of the great Stanislavsky, Natalia showed great musical and dramatic gifts at an early age. In 1918, she was the 15-year-old head of the first theatre for children in Moscow - and in the world. From that time, creative work for the young has been the purpose of her life, and she is often referred to as "the mother of the world's theatres for children."
Издательство - Raduga publishers/Искусство