Обложка книги One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Alexander Solzhenitsyn  
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рейтинг книги One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Переплёт: Мягкая обложка, 176 страниц
Категория: Книги
ISBN: 9780451531049

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📒 Solzhenitsyn's first book, this economical, relentless novel is one of the most forceful artistic indictments of political oppression in the Stalin-era Soviet Union. The simply told story of a typical, grueling day of the titular character's life in a labor camp in Siberia, is a modern classic of Russian literature and quickly cemented Solzhenitsyn's international reputation upon publication in 1962. It is painfully apparent that Solzhenitsyn himself spent time in the gulags-he was imprisoned for nearly a decade as punishment for making derogatory statements about Stalin in a letter to a friend.