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Переплёт: Мягкая обложка, 256 страниц
Категория: Книги
ISBN: 978 0 7553 4669 1

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📘 The bash at the Miller farm was the hottest party Jenny Humphrey had ever attended. Literally. But when Dean Marymount announces that someone is going to be held responsible for burning down the antique red barn, and expelled from Waverly Academy, the heat is really on.
Tensions are rising, rumours are flying, and pretty soon everyone is a suspect. But was it Julian, Jenny's shaggy-haired new crush, whose engraved Tiffany lighter was found at the scene of the crime? Or could it have been Callie and Easy who were in the barn - together - when the blaze began? Tinsley knows she's also in the line of fire for organising the party, but luckily she's come up with a crafty way to stay out of trouble: by blaming Jenny.

When you fight fire with fire someone is bound to get burned - "Lucky", the explosive fifth book in the "It Girl" series.