Обложка книги A Hero of Our Time, Михаил Лермонтов  
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Переводчик: Набоков Дмитрий Владимирович
Переплёт: Тканевый переплет, суперобложка, 230 страниц
Категория: Книги
ISBN: 978-1-85715-078-0
📗 However, in A Hero of Our Time the officer Pechorin transcends the boundaries between culture and nature. In the early chapters of the book, Pechorin's adventures are described from outside, and seem extraordinary, bizzare, yet captivating. Later on, other stories are recounted in Pechorin's diary, and they draw a different picture of the modern hero: disillusioned, hateful, and profoundly unhappy. Life is a game which he has long mastered, he knows exactly how to play into people's pride, vanity and passion. Yet, at unlikely moments, a stir of long-forgotten emotion briefly produces a vulnerable, human hero with whom we, despite ourselves, are forced to identify.

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