Обложка книги Green Design, Marcus Fairs  
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Переплёт: Твердый переплет, 256 страниц
Категория: Книги
ISBN: 9781847321275

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📒 As concerns about climate change and the environment mount, so designers are striving to make sure that the products and buildings they createare port of the solution rather than port of the problem, Green Design is a comprehensive survey of cutting-edge green concepts and designs from the fields of furniture, homeware, textiles, lighting, products, transport, interiors and architecture. From vast building projects to modest one-off pieces of salvaged furniture, the book shows how the design world is responding to the environmental challenges of the twenty-first century.
Along with emerging trends, such as recycling and ethical sourcing, the issues of fair labour and social sustainability are also discussed. With ecofriendly materials changing the products around us and manufacturers embracing Cradle-to-Cradle enterprises, where a product can be reused over and over again, design is in the vanguard of the ecological movement. By showcasing existing innovations as well as visionary projects that may be built in the years to come, Green Design paints a future where technology and ethics merge.