Обложка книги The Food & Cooking of Russia: Discover the Rich and Varied Character of Russian Cuising, in 60 Authentic Recipes and 300 Glorious Photographs, Elena Makhonko  
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Переплёт: Суперобложка, 128 страниц
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🔖 An exploration of the distinctive tastes and history of Russian cuisine, in a sumptuous book containing 60 authentic and delicious recipes.
Whether you want to create wholesome dishes based on those of the traditional agrarian Russian society, or enjoy the luxurious food served at the imperial court of the tsars, the recipes in this book will provide you with the inspiration and knowledge to create classic Russian fare.
Introduces regional specialties from the Georgian, Ukrainian and Baltic traditions, as well as the classic, often French-inspired gastronomy of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Features a wide variety of recipes, from delicious Russian soups, tempting appetizers, wonderful fish, meat and vegetable dishes, to rich desserts, cakes and pastries.
Explores the varied and fascinating history of Russian food and eating traditions, and its ethnic, geographical and historical diversity.

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